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As a fitness scheduling tool, we go beyond a basic calendar. We understand that Personal Trainers have very hectic schedules and it's a challenge to keep track of it all. So our mission is to simplify workout scheduling so Trainers can focus on helping Clients reach their fitness goals. Easy communication with clients through the app, eliminates the need for many text-messages and phone calls. All of our features have been geared towards improved health, stress relief and simplicity. We also perform regular data backups so your valuable information is always safe and secure.
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Messaging between users at your gym

Convenient email notifications

Easily track package renewals

Clear and colorful session calendar

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Small Studio

Large Studio


Studio Site Page

We help market your Gym!

All subscription plans include a free Studio Site Page. This provides a public page with custom branding to display your studio logo, image gallery, testimonials, impressive Gym statistics and more. This service assists you in web and social marketing for your business. Including the ability to Share the Site Page on Facebook, which can quickly increase your exposure and Search Engine Ranking.
Your Site Page can also attract new Clients and can be used to release promotions and campaigns.

Subscription Plans:

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1 Trainers / 100 Clients

Personal Trainer Package

100 MB File Storage *

Small Studio

15 Trainers / 300 Clients

Studio Package for a Small Gym

500 MB File Storage *

Large Studio

35 Trainers / 600 Clients

Studio Package for a Large Gym

1 GB File Storage *



Enterprise Package

2 GB File Storage *

* Disk Space:

Disk Space is calculated based on uploaded Images and Documents. Images can be uploaded for the Studio page gallery and Documents can be uploaded for Clients Information. Such as Meal Plans - Goal Guidance - Instructional PDF's - Studio Policies and more. Disk Space upgrades can be purchased at additional charges when more disk space is required.

Session Features:

  • Book Multiple Clients with 1 Trainer
  • Book Multiple Sessions in same slot
  • Add Manager Notes to Sessions
  • Clients get notified with bookings/cancellations

Slot Series:

  • Create Series of Payed Slots for Clients
  • Automatically track Series Slots for sessions
  • Session cancellations remove the slot used.

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