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Terms & Conditions


At the time of Registration - you will create a Manager Account and some details about your Gym/Studio. Your Manager Email will receive the login/password. After logging in you will be prompted to select a Subscription Plan to begin your Free Month Trial. Using Paypal Subscriptions the system will begin your Subscription with $0.00 payed. After Subscription is successful - you will have full access to the software to use.


You may cancel your subscription at any time. However please cancel before your subscription payment goes through to avoid payment as there are no refunds issued.

Free Month Trial

The Free Month Trial applies to all Subscription Plans. At the end of the 30 day trial your first payment will be made through your Paypal Subscription. If you're not satisfied with the services, please cancel your subscription before the 30 day trial finishes. Otherwise your first payment will go through.


No refunds will be issued on subscription payments. If you wish to cancel your subscription, please cancel before your payment goes through to avoid payment.

Subscription Pricing

Our package pricing may change at anytime. However, If you have registered an account - your package pricing will be locked at the time of your registration. Your pricing will be honored during the term of your package. Any change in price plan will not affect your payments unless you cancel your subscription and wish to renew again.


We highly value your privacy and security of your data. Our entire site uses an SSL Certificate to encrypt data transmission. Your data will not be shared or published with any third party. Your Client Information is secure and their information will not be shared or collected by any third party. Regular daily backups also ensure all Data is safe and protected will not be lost.

Customer Support

Our FitSession Messaging system is your first line of technical support. You may start a conversation with the FitSessions Admin account - and ask questions and get prompt assistance. Admin will receive an email notification right away and response as quick as possible to assist you.
You may also connect with us via the FitSessions Facebook Page. Sending a message to the facebook page is also an acceptable way to request technical support or assistance in using the software.